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Our coastline has revealed the most spectacular finds, including the oldest archeological site in northern Europe next door to Lighthouse camping, at Happisburgh), with the earliest evidence for human occupation so far discovered, along with the most complete fossilised mammoth skeleton ever found in the UK (at West Runton).

And with coastal erosion accelerating, the soft clay cliffs of this area are continually revealing more and more every year.

The emerging story of Doggerland - an area of land now lying under the southern North Sea, which once connected Great Britain to mainland Europe during the last Ice Age - is told, in living digital animation, by a family who were our ancestors on the Deep History Coast App, which will bring history to life, and enable you to see what life was like, identify fossils which you may find, enjoy a 'Mammoth' puzzle game, and 'collect' items as you walk along the Coast Path. You can also take a selfie with our ancestors, and send it to your friends, the ultimate 'you'll wish you were here' digital postcard!

We are a Brand Ambassador for the Deep History Coast, so you will be able to download the DHC App, find out loads of information, and get help on all that's going on in the Explorers Trail.

Where better to stay than Lighthouse Camping, which offers a brand-new select touring campsite, with pitches for 5 caravans or motorhomes, and 10 tents, just a one-minute drive or 10-minute walk from the beach, and the  Deep History Explorers Trail and Happisburgh - all part of England's Great Walking Trails.

'On Sunday 17th May 2020 the first-ever Mammoth Marathon (and half-marathon) will take place following the route of the DHC for almost its entire length, from Sea Palling to Sheringham, and will become an annual event. Up to date information is available on

Check our campsite pitch availability now so you can relax and enjoy the weekend!

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